Welcome to Sinsual Steel!

We are a growing business based out of Independence, Missouri which began in 2011. We started this business because we were frustrated with the toys that were out there for sale. They were more expensive than we could afford and the quality just wasn’t there. You see, we not only make the toys you see in our store, but we use them as well. Well some of them. That’s right, we’re in the lifestyle too.

So we started making a few toys for us. It all began with an old leather coat and a broom handle. That's right. I used them to make my first flogger, which was to be a gag item for a small auction at a fund raiser. From there I was a little stunned when people asked if I could make one for them and how much it would be. Little did I know, but Sinsual Steel was born that day. There were a few false starts and missteps. But with a lot of encouragement and support from my wife Amy and the wonderful people in my life, it became my passion. I loved making these items. I created a few designs that worked and was well received by the local community. I then started selling to friends and at local events. With the increased attention and requests for my items, the most wonderful thing happened. "I" became "We" when my business partner/slave Linda stepped into the picture. She quickly became the main source of inspiration and motivation. Together we were able to buy the equipment and materials needed to continue to move forward; and forward we went. That was a few years ago, and we've been growing ever since. Each year our goals are to come up with new products, vend at more events and meet more people. We love hearing their thoughts on our current products as well as their ideas for future items. Just as we love reading their feedback on the products they purchase from us and answering questions that are asked of us. But just because we’re at a show doesn’t mean that we can’t be reached. Email us or message us on:

Fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/2441090<br />
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Sinsual-Steel-400405450023271<br />
Twitter https://twitter.com/SinsualSteel<br />
Email sinsualsteel [!at] gmail.com

Our mission was and continues to be to make quality items that the average person can afford.

All of the items we have listed are handmade with the utmost importance to every little detail. If we don’t think it’s perfect, we don’t list it for sale. We have items for the beginner to the more experienced. There truly is something for everyone.
We are continually working to build our business.

It's been a wonderful and exciting ride so far and our business continues to grow. So please favorite our shop and/or friend us on Facebook or Fetlife and continue to watch for new items coming up and exclusive sales. And if you have an idea in mind for a new toy, send us a message. Maybe your idea will be the next big thing.

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